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Florida Car Insurance Quotes And FL FR44

November 11, 2013

Florida Car Insurance Quotes ¬†& Florida Car Insurance Quotes¬† Most buyers and lots of insurance agents are entirely unfamiliar with FR44 Florida car insurance quotes, and recent adjustments have included in the misunderstandings. The FR44 processing method has to be completed effectively before a Florida DUI car owner can reinstate their permit. Policyholders and insurance specialists as well need to read more (…)

Florida Has High Rate Of Uninsured, Underinsured Motorists

October 31, 2013

Florida Has High Rate Of Uninsured, Underinsured Motorists By Mike Heuer Tweet Nearly 25 percent of motorists in Florida illegally drive with no liability insurance in place while many others drive legally but without enough coverage to pay the costs of losses incurred by their driving activities. That is part of the reason the state has no-fault insurance, also called read more (…)

Florida No-Fault Insurance Often Suffers From Fraud

October 31, 2013

Florida No-Fault Insurance Often Suffers From Fraud By Mike Heuer   Tweet Florida one of a dozen states in which no-fault auto insurance is mandated, which has become a primary source of fraud and abuse. Designed To Reduce Court Cases The intended purpose of no-fault insurance is to reduce the number of lawsuits arising from vehicular accidents and pays up read more (…)

very cheap car insurance

October 19, 2013

Very cheap car insurance If you find yourself on the lookout for very cheap car insurance, car insurance Florida and/or car insurance quotes Florida from reliable vehicle insurance companies, our no cost and entirely secure on-line vehicle insurance quote online calculator will assist you to purchase the quite most affordable auto rates within your city. There is absolutely no simpler read more (…)